Who Is CBY?

Calvary Bible Youth is the community of 7th to 12th grade students.
It is supported by Rick & Heather Osenga as Youth Director, and a CBY Committee of members and leaders, and parents. The goal of CBY is “to engage with every man, woman, child” while keeping 4 Spiritual Habits in focus:

  • Spend time with God,
  • Spend time with People,
  • Know and Use your Gifts,
  • and Share our Story.

If you want to be part of this or just wish to know more, feel free to reach out to Rick & Heather by emailing us from this page.


Fall Youth Group
Every Sunday: 6-8pm

Games, Fun, & Truth at the Calvary Bible Church House behind the church.

We are using the AWANA Curriculum and encouraging youth in growth through reading, memorization, prayer, and daily time in God’s word. The Middle School Students are learning from the Trek study books, and the Senior High School Students are learning from the Journey study books.
Parent Guides can be found here for Trek, and here for Journey.

Hosted Party!
September 29th

Rick & Heather Osenga (youth leaders) are hosting a youth night in their backyard. Hang-out at the firepit, socialize, eat food, and fun. For questions or directions call Rick at 208-481-0958.